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Density Effect in Relativistic K-shell Ionization

D. W. Spooner
W. E. Meyerhof
J. J. Kuffner
E. C. Montenegro
K. Ishii
S. E. Kuhn
D. M. Kawall
D. G. Jensen
Z.-E. Meziani



Using a grazing emission method, we have made measurements of 22.6-GeV electron impact ionization cross sections at the front and back faces of ~70-micrometer thick Al and Cu foils. these give, respectively the cross sections without and with a density effect predicted by Fermi. For Cu, the back cross section ratio at 22.6 and 5.1 GeV (previously measured) is 1.00 +- 0.04, confirming the predicted energy independece of this cross section. The absolute cross sections agree overall with theoretical calculations.


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