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1. Brick Georgian Colonial
Pencil 8.2x5.4in
July 6, 1990
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2. Medieval Castle
Pencil 10.6x3.6in
April 26, 1992
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3. Birthday Cake
Colored Pencil 5.4x8.0in
March 14, 1991
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4. Young Maiden
Colored Pencil 5.3x8.3in
January 22, 1991
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5. Tribute to Iwo Jima
Pencil 4.1x6.2in
June 22, 1989
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6. Stanford at Dusk
Colored Pencil 5.4x8.4in
March 13, 1991
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7. Mt. Hood Cabin
Colored Pencil 5.3x7.4in
March 11, 1991
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8. English Garden
Pencil 5.4x8.1in
January 8, 1994
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9. Geraniums
Colored Pencil 5.3x8.3in
February 9, 1991
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10. The Benedictine
Pencil 5.5x5.2in
April 26, 1992
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11. Teresa Kuffner
Pencil 5.4x8.5in
June 23, 1989
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12. Year's End Musings
Colored Pencil 5.5x8.5in
November 1, 1991
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13. Girl with Flowers
Pencil 5.5x7.5in
January 7, 1994
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14. Kilpeck Church
Pencil 3.6x4.7in
April 26, 1992
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15. Chibi Anime Ninja
Pencil 4.2x5.6in
Feb 19, 2009
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Brief notes:

  1. Brick Georgian Colonial: When I was young, I wanted to be an architect. The Civil War homes of the American south are beautiful examples of fine detail and symmetric design.
  2. Medieval Castle: This drawing was done while I was studying in England through the Stanford program at Oxford University. I used to listen to readings of Shakespeare's plays on the BBC radio drama series every Thursday evening. Listening to Shakespeare on the radio can be even better than watching a live performance, since it forces you to listen carefully to the incredible dialog, and fully imagine the setting, the clothes, and the people. The castle here was inspired by the classic tragedy "MacBeth".
  3. Birthday Cake: It was no one's birthday in particular when I drew this. I merely wanted to practice drawing difficult objects, such as a lighted candle, using colored pencil.
  4. Young Maiden: The woman here is meant to possess a warm and peaceful heart, full of gentle kindness. Such is the woman of my dreams.
  5. Tribute to Iwo Jima: A simplified view of the original monument in Washington D.C. to one of the bloodiest battles in World War II history.
  6. Stanford at Dusk: Fans of French Impressionism might recognize this as a somewhat feeble reinterpretation of Claude Monet's "Houses of Parliament at Dusk".
  7. Mt. Hood Cabin: Admittedly, this cabin would probably not be very structurally stable, but I enjoy drawing unusual perspective views. It is my dream to own a cozy cabin in the beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon, where I can go sit by a fire, have a warm cup of hot chocolate, and read classic novels.
  8. English Garden: This drawing is fairly reminiscent of an old style English garden, whose paths and streams I frequently wandered while studying abroad at Magdalen College, Oxford University.
  9. Geraniums: Perhaps my favorite of hearty houseplants, this geranium flower and pot provide an excellent chance to practice perspective drawing.
  10. The Benedictine: What started out as just a face in shadow, evolved into this hooded monk.
  11. Teresa Kuffner: A photocopy of a drawing that I gave to my younger sister, Teresa. She was eleven years old at the time, and wears a dress that she wore after being chosen a Portland Junior Rose Festival Princess.
  12. Year's End Musings: Inspired by the shores of Lake Lagunita. Time to pause and reflect on past events, and the events yet to come.
  13. Girl with Flowers: An attempt to capture a feeling of youthful innocence and nostalgia.
  14. Kilpeck Church: Quick sketch of the beautiful, ornately carved stone arch around one of the doors to Kilpeck Church in England.
  15. Chibi Anime Ninja: Sketch I made from an instruction book for drawing Japanese-style anime/manga characters in the "chibi" (small, cute, chubby) style.

















































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