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Some Computed Examples

Below are some pictures, animations, and movies of computed solution paths using RRT-Connect to a variety example planning queries. Other examples can be found at the RRT Page at UIUC.

Basic Examples (2-3 DOF)

Rotating and Translating L-shaped robot

Translating Square robot

3D Rigid Body / The "Piano Mover's Problem" (6 DOF)

The "Alpha Puzzle" Benchmark
(click image to download
MPEG movie = 5.1 MB)

A balanced, bidirectional RRT-Connect path planner was used to solve the "Alpha Puzzle" motion planning benchmark.  This problem is a well-known difficult problem due to the very narrow passage in the configuration space.  My implementation was the first planner to consistently solve this problem.  (The fastest recorded running time to date took approximately 8 minutes on a 1.7 GHz PentiumIII PC).

Original Model courtesy of:  Boris Yamrom, Computer Graphics and Systems Group, GE CRD, and made available by the Parasol lab at Texas A&M.


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