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A Case Study of a Quadraped Walking Robot

The above picture was taken while I was a visiting student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in the Summer of 1995 with Professor Hirose at the Mechano-Aerospace Robotics Laboratory. The visit was made possible by a scholarship from the National Science Foundation Summer Institute in Japan, which provides funding for about 65 U.S. Ph.D students to do collaborative research in Japan. Here is a photo of all of the friendly people at The Hirose Lab.

There are some fantastic robots being built by the laboratory, some of which include snake-like robots, wheeled robots, omni-directional vehicles, and walking robots. The TITAN VII was the latest effort in building a quadraped, walking robot suitable for construction tasks.

Although there wasn't enough time during the 10-week stay for me to make much of a contribution to the project, I was very grateful for the chance to meet so many nice people and see the robots up close.


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