James Kuffner  

Motion Planning with Dynamic Constraints

Project Description

This research project is aimed at finding new techniques to solve motion planning problems with non-holonomic constraints. In particular, we are interested in solving problems involving systems with constraints on the velocities induced by the system dynamics.

Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees

Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees (RRTs) are data structures developed in order to efficiently search high-dimensional spaces. RRTs are constructed incrementally in a way that quickly reduces the expected distance of a randomly-chosen point to the tree.  RRTs are particularly suited for problems that involve nonholonomic constraints (such as kinodynamic planning), but can be applied to searching any high-dimensional space (including traditional path planning).  


Simulation Results

Download images and movies based on our experiments with RRTs applied to simulations of hovercrafts and satellites.


Papers and Links

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